What we have experienced first hand as well as in speaking with others who have attempted to work with legislators in introducing DUI-related legislation, is that the process makes it difficult to pass bills as there are various committees involved as well as different Leadership priorities.  Although individual House and Senate members sincerely are interested in affecting change, the process appears to create barriers in ultimately passing effective DUI legislation.  Adding objections of special interest groups whose interest runs counter to the common interest, only makes it harder. 

We believe that the best way to get legislators focused on this issue is to develop a coordinated effort to reach out to Representatives and Senators as well as the key party leaders in Harrisburg. As much as we admire and support MADD, there is a clear advantage in having people personally explain the loss of loved ones to state legislators and stress the clear deficiencies in our existing laws. Additionally we should focus on the news media, as most newspapers and TV news stations are willing to report and support effective DUI-related legislation and can help in delivering the same message to Harrisburg. 

To that end if you are willing to help in delivering a coordinated message to the legislators and any other party that could help in making changes, please contact us by clicking on the button below:

You can also directly contact your state representative/state senator and ask that they address the continuing DUI crisis in PA. If you do not know the name of you state representative or state senator, click on this link below:

Below is our current message to senators and representatives.  Feel free to use:

Senator /Representative _____________________

 I am contacting you as a constituent.  Pennsylvania citizens continue to be impacted by DUI offenders that result in thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths each year.  Additionally the 50,000 annual DUI arrests including over 12,000 repeat DUI offenses in our state clearly needs to be addressed  

As your constituent I am asking that you support the introduction and passage of a comprehensive and effective package of bills that addresses the continuing DUI crisis from both a preventative and penalty standpoint, including bills that:  

  • Address the repeat DUI offenders that continue to drive without a license

                   Require forfeiture of their vehicle (SB607)

                   Increase jail time for those convicted of driving on suspended licenses (HB1861) and create penalties for                        those that provide vehicles to those with suspended licenses.

                   Create penalties for those that provide vehicles to those with suspended licenses

                   Create felony classification for third DUI conviction (SB607, SB839)

  • Increase sentencing for repeat DUI offenders that cause serious injuries or deaths (SB776, SB839, HB1353).
  • Create minimum dram shop liability insurance

Our State Constitution places the responsibility on our government to ensure its citizens' safety, therefore it is all of our legislators’ responsibility to create laws to address problems that impact their constituents and I ask that you fulfill your responsibility.  The failure to fulfill this duty will result in more needless deaths and injuries. 



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