2/24/19  Treatment courts may be key to preventing DUI  

1/13/19  Our Opinion: Repeat DUI offenders get overdue tougher penalties

1/04/19  Belatedly, Pa. treating repeat DUI offenders as felons | Editorial

12/30/18  EDITORIAL: New DUI law in Pennsylvania could help save lives  

​12/28/18  Our view: Victims notch DUI law win in Pa.

12/27/18  DUI penalties aren't the worst that can happen 

12/26/18  New DUI Law with stricter penalties goes into effect

12/24/18  New law increases penalties on some repeat drunk drivers

12/21/18  Repeat DUI drivers be warned: Tough new laws take effect Sunday in Pa., targeting you 

10/18/18  Pa. lawmakers pass bill increasing penalties for repeat DUI offenders

10/18/18  Senate Sends Governor Landmark Bill To Increase Penalties for Repeat DUI Offenders

9/19/18  Clock is ticking for a bill to increase Pa DUI penalties

9/18/18  Bill targeting repeat DUI offenders awaits lawmakers' return

6/24/18  Families of those killed by repeat DUI drivers demand strict laws

6/19/18  Smart Talk: Should fatal DUI be a felony in PA?

6/10/18 Toughening Pa.'s inadequate DUI laws will save lives

​6/3/18  ​Let's pass these commonsense improvements to Pa.'s DUI laws

6/3/18  Chris and Susan Demko: Why Pa. must increase penalties for repeat DUI offenders

5/30/18  Here's how we can improve Pa.'s DUI laws

​5/27/18  Drunken driving victims’ families push for bill targeting repeat offenders

5/26/18  Chester County families advocate for stricter DUI laws 

5/22/18  Advocates push for stronger penalties against repeat DUI offenders

5/22/18  Families of victims killed in DUI crashes rally in support of bill calling for increased penalties

5/22/18  Lawmakers urged to pass bill toughening penalties for repeat DUI offenders

5/22/18  Families of drunk driving victims to speak in Harrisburg

5/22/18  Pennsylvania needs harsher penalties for repeat DUI offenders, families say

5/22/18  Local family fighting for stricter penalties for dui offenders  

4/22/18  State Senate bill would increase penalties for repeat DUI offenders

4/19/18 Editorial:  Another needed step in the war against DUI drivers

4/19/18  ​ You can't get felony for DUI in PA 


8/30/17  Cracking down on PA impaired drivers

8/24/17​  First-time DUI offenders now required to install ignition interlock 

8/24/17  New DUI Ignition Interlock Law to start Friday

​8/24/17  New DUI law stiffens penalties for first-time offenders

​5/24/17  NBC10 Investigators: Lawmakers, Family of Victims, Police Fight to Keep DUI Drivers Off the Streets

5/09/17  Parents push for tougher DUI laws after losing kids to drunken driving

​5/09/17  Families urge Pennsylvania lawmakers to approve bills that increase penalties for high-risk DUI offenders

5/09/17  PAPAID Press Conference 

5/09/17  Parents of DUI victims urge legislators to pass tougher laws  

2/14/17  YDR right to cover Jon Witman’s DUIs (letter)

1/19/17  Are punishments tough for repeat DUI offenders in Pennsylvania?

​6/23/16  Smart Talk: PA DUI law now includes ignition interlocks

​6/09/16  Pennsylvania’s new ignition interlock celebrated 

6/08/16   Legislators, safe driving advocates celebrate drunk driving prevention law

6/01/16  New DUI law, years in the making, is just the beginning for the Demkos 

5/23/16  Ignition locks law lauded by families of DUI victims in Pennsylvania ​​​

5/21/16  Ignition interlock bill headed to governor's desk with near-unanimous approval

5/18/16  Pennsylvania is about to win 1 battle against DUI, but the war must continue

​5/17/16  ​Pa. close to requiring ignition interlock for first-time DUIs

5/05/16  Strengthening DUI Laws

4/28/16  Parents of Victims Killed by Drunk Drivers Unite to Prevent Future Tragedies

3/28/16  Ron Southwick: Lawmakers can't blow chance on ignition interlock bill

3/26/16  Downingtown family urges proposed DUI legislation ​

3/24/16  PA elected officials propose legislation on repeat DUI offenders

3/23/16  ​Parents of children killed in DUIs call for tougher laws

3/23/16  Lancaster-led coalition lobbies for reform of DUI laws

3/23/16  Parents of children killed in DUIs call for tougher laws

3/22/16  Parents rally for stiffer DUI penalties in Pennsylvania

3/22/16  Parents who lost loved ones to drunk drivers call for stricter DUI laws 

​3/22/16  Families of victims call for DUI law reform ​

3/21/16  Pennsylvania's lame laws against drunken driving

​3/20/16  Parents who lost son to drunken driver push for tougher DUI laws in Pa.

​3/19/16  The General Assembly should pass this commonsense bill to reduce drunk-driving deaths: Editorial

3/18/16  Remembering Rodney Miller 

3/17/16   Parents of DUI victims fight to require ignition breathalyzers in Pennsylvania

3/04/16  Require ignition interlock after 1st DUI

3/03/16  DUIs: Grieving families want tougher laws

​3/02/16  It's time to end Pennsylvania's lax approach toward DUI offenders

2/22/16   PA PAID interview with Channel 11's Lynda Weed

2/16/16  Parents form new organization to push for tougher DUI laws

2/10/16  MADD Interlock Report 2016

2/08/16  Family of DUI victim calls for new law

​​​6/16/15  Analysis: Pa. DUI laws among most lenient in US

6/16/15  Strictest And Most Lenient States On DUI

6/04/15   House Task Force seeks ways to stop drunk drivers

5/12/15   Pa. Lawmakers need to toughen up penalties and restrictions for DUI offenders

5/10/15   Tougher DUI laws on the horizon?

9/08/14    Despite tougher Pa. DUI laws, many repeat offenders stay on the road

​9/08/14    State lawmakers meet in Lancaster to review tougher DUI laws


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