PA Parents Against Impaired Driving



This website was created to bring together parents and families of lost loved ones due to drunk or drugged drivers in the State of Pennsylvania so that we can have our voices heard in Harrisburg and help create something positive out of all our losses.  

Many of us have found out too late that the DUI laws in PA are outdated and ineffective.  In many cases the loss of a loved one could have been prevented if our state lawmakers had passed legislation that is currently in place in numerous states. Many of us have also found that there may be individual support within the House or Senate for specific changes, but very little has been accomplished in actually enacting new laws.

The State House and Senate appear to be focused on the DUI issue.  We as parents, siblings, children, relatives and friends of those lost to drunk or drugged drivers, have an opportunity to make a difference on behalf of our loved ones while there is a window of opportunity.  

We are asking for others like us to work together to increase the chances of effective DUI laws being passed by our legislators in Harrisburg.   

We would suggest that you click on the various links to other pages on this site to learn more about the current status of DUI laws and what we are attempting to accomplish. 


Thank you.

Chris and Susan Demko

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